Our Laundering Process

For the health of your children and our environment, we have taken laundering industry standards and improved on them:

  • We are certified phosphate free and do not use LAS based detergents. First service to do this in Canada.
  • We do not use chlorine to whiten or sanitize our diapers. First diaper service to do this in Canada.
  • We balance the pH levels in the wash to match the pH level of your baby’s skin, which further reduces the incidence of diaper rashes
  • We use cold water detergents because they use less energy than hot water detergents do, making it that much better for the environment.
  • We developed our own washing programs, in conjunction with our detergents.
  • We have requested and work with public health and safety to develop standards that all diaper services should follow. Again, another first for HAPPY NAPPY.

Sanitizing Our Diapers

Old school laundry services still believe that chlorine is needed to sanitize diapers. This is in fact false. Evidence-based research clearly indicates that detergents with the proper heat and pressure will sanitize better than using chemicals. 

There have been several patents placed on cleaning detergents that sanitize without chlorine and with lower heat settings. Happy Nappy combines several steps to ensure our diapers are clean and healthy:

  • We prewash the diapers with our own propiratory detergent
  • We follow that with a sanitizing wash, which uses a higher temperature than the first cold water wash
  • A stain remover wash is used to lift any remaining Non Organic type dirt (Creams and such)
  • We finish with a our own, pH-balanced rinse 
  • Then there is our commercial driers. We make sure that the diapers come up to 175 degrees for at least 30 minutes. This ensures that if any bacteria etc were to survive, the heat would make them inert. 

Compared to typical laundry services that use two to three chemicals to get their white products bleached clean, we use a blend of over 8 environmentally friendly detergents  and 4 separate washes. Our advanced washing equipment, dryers and computers  perform a better job using less energy and water. In short, our process is overall better for your baby and our earth.

Our Diapers

Happy Nappy has been setting the standards for the new way to cloth diaper your baby. We have spent thousands of dollars on product development to bring you the very best diapers on the market today, which are available exclusively through Happy Nappy. Recently there has been another diaper manufacturer copy our product. You can't miss it. It looks just like our diaper in colour. If you are with a diaper service that is not HAPPY NAPPY or have purchased diapers THEY ARE NOT HAPPY NAPPY Diapers. We only provide our diapers to our stores and do not sell them to anyone but our stores.

Our cloth nappies are designed to mimic a disposable in fit and design, yet maintain the qualities and virtues of cloth. You will be amazed at how our new nappy offers premium leakage protection and wicks the moisture away from your baby’s skin. Your baby will enjoy our soft, breathable diapers, which use latex-free elastics and snap closures for the ultimate in comfort. 

Happy Nappy does not purchase its diapers from other vendors. Every diaper is made from Canadian suppliers and assembled by us, in Canada by parents just like you!

Microfiber Cloth

We are now on the eighth generation of our diaper, which is made of microfiber cloth. 

Why microfiber? It is antibacterial, so babies wearing a happy nappy are less likely to experience a rash caused by bacteria or yeast. Our diapers help to destroy bacteria. Additionally, microfiber offers superior odour control compared to traditional cotton diapers. Another really big advantage is that Micro fiber releases dirt easier.  What that means for us is that we use less detergent to get a clean diaper. Less detergent means even less enviromental impact. Another totally unique feature of ours is our cooling technology. Sounds wild, but our diaper, compared to the cheap knock-off diaper or any cotton or cotton blend diaper in the market today will actually be cooler. Up to 5 degrees cooler! Our fabric is made for us only, also does not contain any topical coatings for absorbency or wicking. We have invested a lot into this technology because we believe that your baby deserves the best.


You might wonder if microfiber fabric is as absorbent as cotton.

It’s true that a pure lump of plastic (polyester) does not absorb anything when dropped in water. However, when you spin polyester into a thread that is 100 times smaller than a cotton thread and then weave that into fabric, you end up with a cloth that is at least six times more absorbent than any cotton. This is because the spaces between the threads create absorbency. More spaces means a larger volume of liquid that can be held. It also means greater breathability because the spaces in even wet fabric will have greater air transfer. In the end, you will have a diaper that breathes better and absorbs more than cotton.

Pre-Birth Starter Package

We will deliver your first set of diapers and a pail a few weeks before your due date. This ensures that you will have diapers ready to use when you bring home your new bundle of joy.  

Your regular deliveries will not begin until you let us know that your baby has arrived and that you are ready for service. We suggest that you give us a call to activate your service the day your baby arrives home.

Regular Diaper Service

Your regular diaper pick-up and delivery begins when you bring your baby home. Once a week, we will pick up your soiled diapers and leave fresh ones for your baby. We will come on the same day of the week every week, at around the same time of day. You don't need to be home for your delivery -- simply leave your bag of soiled diapers on your doorstep. 

With our service, no rinsing or soaking is required. It's as simple as placing the soiled diapers into the naturally deodorized diaper container. We do the rest!

Vacations and Stopping Service

Since we bill in advance 2 weeks, we need a week notice to make a change so that you are not invoiced. If the office is notified on or before the 8th or 22nd of each month we can put your account in vacation mode so that you are not invoiced for that up coming invoice period.

If for some reason you do not require diapers or just need a pick up we will still charge you for that week since a) the van has been there b) you still have diapers. It's like renting a car. It might be in the driveway and you might not have used it that day but you still get charged for it.

Our invoicing is done electronically and in advance. Once we submit this information to the banks for processing, we are charged a fee. We are again charged a fee to withdraw that information. Got to love the banks and their fees..Please understand that we try very hard to avoid unnecessary costs and will try to help you with last minute changes if possible.