We have been making the HAPPY NAPPY for over 9 years now. It has had a total revision over 4 times and 28 smaller changes. That might seem a lot to someone just about to have a baby when you do not know what makes a good diaper great, but trust us..it really is a great diaper. HAPPY NAPPY was the first diaper to introduce fleece on the inside of the diaper. We found that although it did breath and keep the baby's skin drier than cotton, it was bulky, warm and over time started to get rough. The outside of our diaper is made from our own blend of micro-fiber. We again were the first in the diaper world to offer a diaper made from micro-fiber. Our yellow diaper was easily recognizable from all until....the copy cats came out. Now, there are several services and manufactures making a copy of our diapers. You would think we would be upset but we are not. We are laughing and thanking all these people. After all, you don't copy a diaper that does not work.. You try and copy a diaper that does work and is better than what you or other people have come up with. Our strategy is simple and very effective to produce the best diaper in the world. We listen to our customers that are using our products every day. Well actually we are listening to the moms and dads but you get the point. We manufacture our diaper and can change a diaper design based on this feedback over night.

Our newest diaper is made with the sole purpose to compete head to head with a disposable diaper. We now have a new inner fabric that is thinner then fleece, more breathable, does not pill and after 20 seconds is dry to touch. We mean so dry that the only way you know the diaper is wet is by touching the diaper anywhere that does not touch your baby. It is crazy dry and all natrual. No one else has this. If you don't believe us call the store nearest you to arrange a demo. 

The newest diaper is also thinner than our older fleece diaper so that all those cute baby cloths will fit longer. The cut is a little different because of the fabrics so that it fits better with a better seal around the legs. We also have more sizes in this diaper. Our  competitors copycats have neither.

All of these things plus many more were from our customers and their feedback. We can do that, change that is, because we are the manufacture. It has been over 10 years since our children have been in diapers. It's now your turn to help design the best diaper and get an unlimited weekly supply for one low rate. You will not see a cheaper diaper offered by HAPPY NAPPY in hopes to get more customers. We will only offer the best product that deserves to be next to your baby's skin. Why pay for a tea towel or a pre-fold diaper that was designed over centuries ago. Why save pennies to go with an old copycat diaper that simply does not work as well.

Remember, only a HAPPY NAPPY Cloth Diaper says HAPPY NAPPY on it. If it does not have our label on it...it's not a HAPPY NAPPY and only a cheap copy.