soothe.jpg   Soothe - $18

The perfect multi-use stick for Moody skin!

It's been over 5 years in the making and perfecting the perfect blend. We are sure you will agree that once you try it, you will wonder why you need anything else. Perfect for baby's skin no matter where, it goes on smoothly and just the right amount. No messy applicator, or sharp edges to harm delicate skin. This Soothe balm works so well that you will want to have one for yourself for your moody skin. Perfect for lips, angry skin that is dry or inflamed. We have priced it at $18 per bio degradable tube. Just remember to NOT mix application location. i.e.. if used on baby butt please do not apply to your lips..



pit-tastic.jpgPit-Tactic - $12

If you have ever used an aluminum free natural deodorant you will know how great they are. This one is better yet! We product tested this on the owner during a summer season of training for 3 grand Fondo cycling races. So what does that mean? 500km a week sweating on a bike and sweating a lot. The results? thumbs up and no wrinkled noses. We wanted to offer a natural product that when used would result in a calming feeling and relaxing scent for you and your baby. We know that you will be breast feeding and your baby will be close to you. It is with that in mind that we present you a deodorant that truly is a dream. If you have never used a natural deodorant this you should know. Click here to read what to expect. Oh and if you are wondering? we will be coming out with a man scent soon. The owner had to do some explaining why he smelt literally like a rose….just $12 






Room Spray - $10

This is something that you will wonder how you lived without. A delightful, playful scent that reminds you of growing up and running through fields. Gone are the offensive odours of burps, diapers or even stale car smells. This room spray does not contain offensive orders that overwhelm you like synthetic commercial room sprays. Have a bottle in your bathroom for those special moments that you DON'T want to share.. just $10 for good scents.







baby body wash - $12

It's your baby and you can cry if you want too, but not while using this. Suds made from simple and natural ingredients. For $12/ bottle you receive clean, moisturized skin and peace of mind that you are washing you and your baby with love. Please do not get in your eyes because it will sting. We thought about making it no tear but that meant adding chemicals that we are trying to avoid. This pump bottle is perfect for your wash area and provides the perfect amount of suds to do it's job. From time to time give the bottle a quick shake to distribute some of the ingredients. Since we made this from a oil base, some ingredients will want to settle out after a few hours.