So you think your baby is hot in Cloth?

Over the years we have had people cancel service based on the reason that cloth diapers are too hot.. Well there has been literally no factually based information out there that would support this. So we at Happy Nappy decided to get the facts about temperature and diapers.. I want to make this very clear.. No babies were harmed during this and all parents and babies that we had during this test enjoyed a great day:) There where a total of 6 babies, all younger that 6 months involved in the study.

So here is how we did the study..

  • outside temp was just over 30 celsius 
  • every baby was in the shade either, sitting and playing quietly (blocks etc) or sleeping..
  • same thermometer was used for every sample.
  • each baby wore each sample diaper 
  • All the same diapers i.e. disposable temp readings where added then averaged.


Happy Nappy with a cover = 36.2C

Happy Nappy with no cover = 35C

Disposable Diaper = 39.3C

So there you have it... A disposable diaper is over 3 degrees hotter than our diaper with a cover. So what does this mean?

Well, increased heat  developmentally can effect both fertility in boys and girls. Ever wonder why birth clinics are so busy in recent years? If not lets look st this for a sec. Remember north america basically adopted disposable diapers as the main diapering choice in the last 40 years..Do the math here. Average age of birth mothers today is 30 years old..Given that is takes time for companies to realize there is a market then open a business and add that to average age of mothers you get a number that is very close to.....yes the explosion of disposable diapers. Oh and as another FYI.. there is a 2 year wait to get into a province birth clinic. The demand is just that high. There are private ones available as well now but there is an increased cost. There is also a wait list for these as well.. Scary.

Increased skin issues and trips to the doctors.. Another fact is that 86% of disposable wearing babies will be seen by a doctor about disposable diaper skin issues. Which then means more use of diaper creams, medications like steroid creams which means more potential for reactions. Let us not forget the dollar value of this as well. Now if you look at the years of historical data about cloth diapers.. Less than 7% of babies were seen by a doctor for cloth related skin issues..Hmmmm.

I know this is a cloth diaper service and well, our views are always about cloth. I just really question why there is such a big resistance against cloth lately..To me this argument seams very similar to what tobacco companies kept saying about smoking. We all know how that ended up. Every argument that someone has about disposables being better etc. can be disproven based on facts. The fact is cloth, every day is better for your baby..