We all needs to have some basic rules to play by.. here are the basic rules.


Please note that although these are our policies and rules, we will and do listen and make case by case changes. We have learnt over the last 14 years that if we all know the basic rules then there are fewer misconceptions. Some of these policies are reprinted on every invoice.

  • ---Please stay away from heavy zinc creams. You all know the ones we are talking about. they seam to appear in everyone's diaper bag. Zinc and the products used to make those heavy thick creams do not play nice with cloth diapers. We have detergents that will get out most of it but from time to time we will miss that diaper and then it gets dried. Once that happens we have a diaper that has zinc melted into it and this is very difficult to remove. If you use zinc or have been told by your DR. please call the office. We have proven alternatives and ways to make zinc use work. If you have been asked to change your zinc application techniques.. and diapers are still coming from your house with zinc on them… you could be charged for replacement of the diapers..Please call us.. 
  • ---Vaseline is ok but if you are applying enough that it leave residue on the diaper thats too much. Like the zinc we can get out the vaseline but if there is a lot, it gets absorbed into the diaper due to our high heat cycles then leaves an ugly dark stain in the diaper.. please call the office. You could be responsible for replacement of the diapers if you do not change your application amount.. rule of thumb.. a little goes a long way. if you can scrape off the vaseline with your finger or write a heart in what you just applied…it's too much..Please call us..
  • ---Our service is prepaid.. you are paying for 2 weeks basically ahead of time. On the 1st and the 15th is when billing happens. We require a week notice of cancellation or vacation before these 2 dates so that we can change your file and you not be charged. We do not offer refunds. We do and will offer a credit for that time to be applied to your account as well as if you want to use up your credit because you are leaving you can apply that to product that we sell. This applies to all prepaid service and specials. Including and not exclusive of the 28 day sign up, 6 month and one year prepay.
  • ---If you have paid for an extend time to take advantage of the immediate saving's we remind you that there are no refunds. If we do offer a refund, the service that you have used will be readjusted to reflect the savings removed, and the time on the service will be recalculated using the normal weekly rate. There might be further conditions apply to this calculation as well. Keep in mind when you say that you are committing to us for that time we are also committing to you. In that we will make sure that you always have the exact diaper and amounts that you request and any vacation will be granted and added on to your initial prepay. If these means that we have to order more diapers so that you have enough and the right one we do that when you commit to us. We have built an extensive data base on diaper requirements and forecasting. When you commit for 6 months, we know what we will need for you right then. If we do not have that inventory in place to service you, we make it..Ordering fabric, paying our staff to add more stock into the system. 
  • ---Delivery Days are based on where you live. If we make the mistake we will fix it. If there are repeated requests for extra deliveries you can be charged additional fees for this delivery. $10 will be applied to these extra deliveries and you will be told at the time a request is sent in for the extra delivery. All our routes are planed and based on providing the area we deliver too the best, most efficient and environmentally friendly service. Going back over areas we have already covered adds time, fuel and carbon to our earth.